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Greenweight is the metal balance weights obtained by using metal particles that emerge after manufacturing in the manufacturing industry. Metal particles are pressed into blocks of desired size. Then, the blocks are covered with sheet metal and protection against impacts is provided.

The density of the Greenweight balance weights varies between 6.00 gr / cm3 and 7.00 gr / cm3 according to the geometry of the weights.

Greenweight weights obtained by using various scrap metal find use in many sectors. Weights in our product range; filler weights for elevators counter-weights, counter-weights for building maintenance units and construction equipment counter-weights.

Innovative and Environment Friendly Counterweight

Consumption is increasing rapidly with the increasing world population and living standards. While consumption is increasing, natural resources do not increase to meet our needs. Access to the resource becomes difficult and increases the cost of resources. At this point, “resource efficiency” gains importance.

Resource efficiency; In short, it is defined as creating more value by using resources more efficiently. Efficient use of resources brings sustainability, namely the circular economy. To define the circular economy, recycling is the recycling of waste materials into the economy.

Thanks to the innovative production technology we have developed, Greenweight products consist of 80-94% waste material and are produced in the production phase without any heat treatment. In this way, it reduces greenhouse gas emissions that harm the nature.

Greenweight weights contribute greatly to the circular economy as an innovative and environmentally friendly product with low cost. Greenweight products are unique and unrivaled in the world.

Greenweight products have EPD (Environmental Product Declarations) and LCA (Life Cycle Assesment) documents approved by international independent organizations.

A third party Life Cycle Assessment and Environmental Products Declaration conducted by LCA Studio confirms the statement: Greenweights have a lower environmental footprint and produce less carbon emissions than their conventional counterparts, when suppliers, production, distribution, use and end-of-life phases are taken into account.

Why Greenweight?

  • It is produced %88-94 from scrap metal recycling.
  • It protects the environment with low CO₂ emission (between 5 – 6,5 times) in production.
  • It contributes to the circular economy with its environmentally friendly raw material.
  • Product density has a value of 6-6,8 gr / cm³.
  • It has a corrosion-resistant and paint-free surface.
  • It offers a beautiful appearance with its stylish and ergonomic design.


Elevator Filler


There are 2 types of models



There are 2 types of models

Building Maintenance

Unit Counterweight

There are 2 types of models



Can be produced between 100 kg - 20.000 kg


Elevator Counterweight