About Us

GREENWEIGHT brand and products belong to Ergin Makine Insaat Sanayi Import and Export Trade Limited Company.

Ergin Makine, which has been serving in many engineering fields for more than 50 years, is taking firm steps towards the future with its innovative technologies and expert staff. All our business activities are carried out with the best quality materials and the best workmanship available in today’s market.

Ergin Makine provides services in the field of steel manufacturing, assembly, complete mechanical service and recyclable counterweight (Greenweight) production for industrial and commercial enterprises.

Greenweight is basically an economical and environmentally friendly alternative product in elevator filler weight, building maintenance units (BMU) counterweight and crane counterweight production. Thanks to our patented technology, it helps reduce CO2 emissions 5-6,5 times less than traditional production methods.

Ergin Makina always offers its services based on customer satisfaction and trust principles. Ergin Makina reveals its vision of being a regional leader especially in the sectors it serves. Our goal in creating Consequently respected brands on a global scale, Turkey is represented in all the world.

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