Have you ever wondered which construction companies in the world are the most productive, the most profitable, and the most experienced in their trades? Based on information available from various sources, we have compiled a list of the largest construction companies in the world. All of these construction companies we’ve included not only stand out as the biggest and most successful on a global scale but also excel in their management practices. Regardless of their size, construction companies not only fulfill our basic building needs but also have a substantial impact on the global economy. We have prepared an article that will focus on the bigger picture and demonstrate that construction work involves more than just laying foundations, building walls, pouring concrete, or calculating the building maintenance unit counterweight.

Now, let’s briefly take a look at the construction industry’s major players who drive economic growth and employment worldwide.

Top 10 Largest Construction Companies in the US

The construction industry is a vital component of the US economy, building approximately $1.4 trillion in structures and infrastructure every year. With an impact of around $4 billion on the Gross Domestic Product, these activities contribute significantly to the US economy. In the United States, there are approximately 1.5 million construction companies, ranging from small family businesses with 5-6 employees to billion-dollar corporations with over 100,000 employees on a global scale. Some of these companies started as small family enterprises and have evolved into global giants that have been operating for over 100 years.

Here are the top 10 construction companies in the United States based on the most recent and publicly available revenue reports.

1. Bechtel

Headquartered in Reston, Virginia, Bechtel is the largest general contractor in the United States. Consistently ranking at the top of the “largest construction companies” lists every year, Bechtel achieved a revenue of $17.5 billion in 2021. While obtaining precise employee figures can be challenging, Forbes suggests that they have over 55,000 employees across 50 different countries.

Since its establishment in 1898, Bechtel has successfully completed over 25,000 projects in 160 countries. Notable projects among these include the Western Hoover Dam, Black Rock Wind Farm, and the Edmonton Light Rail System.

2. Turner Construction

Based in New York, Turner Construction, with only 10,000 employees, undertakes around 1,500 projects annually. Their most recent publicly reported revenue was $14.4 billion in 2020. Among their impactful projects are Comerica Park, SeatGeek Stadium, and Lumen Field.

3. Fluor Corporation

With a revenue of $14.1 billion generated in 2021, Fluor Corporation ranks third among the largest construction companies in the United States. Founded in 1912 in California, the company later relocated to Irving, Texas, where its headquarters remain. The company has over 41,000 employees.

Fluor Corporation specializes in engineering and construction, providing services in sectors such as oil and gas, infrastructure, and government projects. Among their significant projects are the Trans-Alaska Oil Pipeline and the Lagoven Refinery Expansion.


AECOM, a global infrastructure consulting firm, is one of the largest construction companies in the construction industry with 51,000 employees. Based in Dallas, AECOM generated a revenue of $14.11 billion in 2021.

Operating in more than 150 countries, AECOM primarily focuses on architecture, urban planning, and engineering. Among their most significant projects are Barclays Center, Amway Center, Time Warner Cable Arena, and Mercedes-Benz Stadium.

5. Kiewit Corporation

Founded in 1884 in Nebraska and still headquartered there, Kiewit Corporation is a private construction company. With 28,000 employees and an annual revenue of $10.3 billion, Kiewit operates in the fields of construction and engineering.

Focusing on industrial sectors like food and beverage, water, energy, oil, gas, and mineral processing, Kiewit’s significant projects include T-Mobile Park, the Fort McHenry Tunnel, and Raglan Mines.

6. STO Building Group

Founded in 1971, STO Building Group, according to Forbes, was the 47th largest private company in 2021. The company generated a revenue of $9.1 billion in the same year. Comprising 8 firms operating across North America and Europe, STO Building Group employs around 4,000 individuals.

One of the largest construction companies in the United States, STO offers solutions in various fields including education, entertainment, sports, retail, and restaurants. Some of their most renowned projects include Citizens Bank Park, Eataly, and the University of Utah’s stadium.

7. DPR Construction

Established in 1990 in Redwood City, California, DPR Construction is a general contracting and construction management firm. Their areas of focus include sustainable projects, the healthcare sector, and higher education. As a private company, DPR Construction operates 30 offices across the United States, with additional international offices in Europe and Asia. With approximately 9,000 employees, the company, one of the world’s largest construction companies, reported a revenue of around $6.8 billion in 2021.

Among their notable projects are data centers constructed for companies like Facebook and eBay, as well as operational facilities for pharmaceutical giants like Genentech.

8. Gilbane Building Company

Established in 1870 as a family business in Rhode Island, Gilbane has evolved into a construction company with over 45 offices worldwide. Currently led by the 6th generation of the Gilbane family, this privately held company employs approximately 2,800 individuals and achieved a revenue of $6 billion in 2021.

They provide services across various domains, including construction, BIM, multimedia, disaster relief, and environmental services. Notable projects encompass the Fenway Park renovation, the Prudential Center, and the O’Hare International Airport infrastructure, showcasing some of Gilbane’s standout endeavors.

9. Hensel Phelps Construction

Founded in 1937 in Greeley, Colorado, Hensel Phelps Construction Company is consistently ranked among the top construction companies by revenue. With over 3,000 employees, the company’s main areas of operation include construction, real estate development, and facilities management. Being one of the world’s largest construction companies, Hensel Phelps generated a revenue of $5.9 billion in 2021.

Some of their notable projects include renovations at the Pentagon and San Jose International Airport, as well as the Marriott International Hotel and additions to Nashville International Airport.

10. Clark Construction Group

One of the largest contractors in the United States, Clark Construction was founded in 1906 in Bethesda, Maryland, and currently employs about 4,200 people. Reporting a revenue of $5 billion in 2018, Clark Construction operates in the fields of design-build, virtual design and construction, and sustainability.

One of their significant projects is the Chase Center, where the Golden State Warriors basketball team plays. Other notable works include the San Diego State University Aztec Stadium, Nationals Park, and Music City Center.

Top 7 Largest Construction Companies in the UK

The construction industry holds a significant place in the UK economy. In addition to providing employment for over 3 million people, it contributes over £110 billion to the country’s gross domestic product (GDP).

Infrastructure construction is at the forefront of growth within the UK construction industry. While the UK’s construction industry currently ranks sixth globally, there is a substantial increase in market share in the field of infrastructure construction.

Let’s now take a brief look at the leading 7 largest construction companies in the United Kingdom.

1. Balfour Beatty PLC

The construction company that holds the top position in the list of construction companies in the UK is Balfour Beatty, with a history dating back to the 1900s. This London-based multinational construction company is one of the largest construction companies in both the UK and Europe, operating in over 80 countries.

In recent years, Balfour Beatty has undertaken numerous significant projects, including the design and construction of the Aberdeen Western Peripheral Route, the electrification of the Great Western Railway, and the construction of the Hinkley Point C nuclear power station.

2. Kier Group PLC

Kier Group, one of the largest construction companies in the UK, operates in various sectors such as housing, transportation, and services. With a history spanning over 90 years, the company has already proven itself as a significant contractor in the UK construction industry.

Committed to adopting sustainable practices, reducing carbon emissions, and promoting a circular economy, the company’s efforts in this realm led it to become a finalist in the Sustainability category at the 2021 Construction News Awards.

3. Morgan Sindall Group PLC

Morgan Sindall Group, a UK-based construction and regeneration company, operates across various sectors including infrastructure, housing, and urban renewal. With a history dating back to the 1960s, the company is one of the largest construction companies in the UK and holds a strong position in the construction industry.

Despite challenges arising from the pandemic, Morgan Sindall Group has maintained financial stability and throughout this period secured notable contracts, including the construction of Sheffield University’s new engineering building and the redevelopment of Nottingham’s Broadmarsh shopping center.

4. Amey PLC

With a rich history dating back to the 1920s, Amey PLC is a UK-based construction company that operates in various sectors such as highways, railways, and waste management.

In recent times, Amey PLC has focused on digital transformation and innovation, aiming to enhance efficiency and reduce costs through technological implementations.

5. Wates Group Ltd

Founded in 1897, Wates Group Ltd is a construction, property services, and development company that has maintained its significance in the construction industry since its inception.

Wates Group Ltd operates in various fields, including construction services, property services, and development, boasting a diverse portfolio. This broad portfolio makes it much more resilient against market fluctuations.

6. Keller Group PLC

Keller Group, headquartered in the UK, is a significant geotechnical solutions provider operating in more than 40 countries. The company offers services in various fields, including soil engineering, foundations, and ground improvement.

With a revenue of £2.2 billion in 2020, Keller Group has a strong balance sheet and a robust history of profitability. Being one of the world’s largest construction companies, Keller Group, with over 10,000 employees worldwide, has successfully undertaken some of the most challenging projects in the geotechnical engineering sector.

7. Willmott Dixon

Willmott Dixon is a significant player in the UK construction industry, operating in various sectors such as construction, refurbishment, regeneration, and support services. Being one of the world’s largest construction companies, the Company undertakes projects in both the public and private sectors.

A pioneer in innovation, Willmott Dixon has a dedicated team that develops new products and solutions in the construction sector. Notable projects by Willmott Dixon include the refurbishment of the Old Admiralty Building in London and the development of Farringdon Station.

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